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NJZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED explosion proof lights, LED street lights, LED area lights, LED high bay lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights

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    No.58 Hengguang Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
NJZ Lighting (Nanjing Jingze Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.) is a new manufacturing powerhouse in industrial and outdoor lighting. Invested by the financially strong company, China Transmission – NGC Group, NJZ Lighting is an ambitious lighting manufacturer that has been proactive in developing energy efficient high power lighting solutions with extraordinary performance and durability. Through consistent investments in research and development, NJZ Lighting is aiming to become a forward-thinking leader with deeply-rooted knowledge, a relentless design ethos, vertical engineering expertise and international industry experience.

NJZ Lighting is committed to creating lighting solutions that adapt to the needs within diverse contexts. Less is more, the company maintains a simplified product portfolio, eliminating the likelihood of exhausting the company's engineering, manufacturing and customer support resources due to the overwhelming complexity from product proliferation. NJZ's experience across all facets of lighting – LED packaging, thermal modeling, mechanical engineering, light control, power electronics, system integration – differentiates itself from its competitors and brings forth the tremendous advantage of understanding the unique characteristics of lighting fixtures designed for operation in rugged and harsh environment. NJZ's in-house factory is vertically equipped with sophisticated product development infrastructure, mechanical processing tools, LED mounting machines, luminaire assembly systems, powder coating lines, and fully equipped testing facilities. With a growing team of product engineers who have a wealth of experience across design, engineering and project management, NJZ Lighting is at the forefront of industrial LED lighting.

NJZ Lighting strives to be the tremendously value-added LED lighting provider for various industrial and outdoor lighting projects, including roadway lighting, tunnel lighting, warehouse lighting, architectural lighting, manufacturing facility lighting, sports field lighting, and hazardous area lighting, etc. The company's high power LED high bay lights are designed for high bay applications where long life, low maintenance, and reliability are crucial. The modular design that utilizes field replaceable high efficiency LED light engines provide upgradeability and scalability to meet customized application requirements. The Starlight and Moonlight series LED roadway luminaires are designed to deliver incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance for expressway, freeway interchanges and other large area applications. The Galaxy and Freedom LED area lights are modern and aesthetically pleasing lighting systems that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment while offering widespread coverage and excellent uniformity, exceptional symmetric light distribution, drastically reduced offsite visibility and on-site glare. The Spark LED tunnel lights are developed to meet the high demands on light intensity, vertical light distribution and controllability. NJZ's LED floodlights are one of the most advanced high power luminaires in the industry with aesthetically pleasing, durable construction and outstanding performance.

NJZ's Defender, Warrior and Ranger series explosion proof LED lights are UL 844 Listed for installations where flammable vapors or gases, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers and flyings may be present, or NEMA 3 and 4X areas where wind, water, snow or high ambients can be expected. They comply with all international standards applicable to operation in hazardous environments such as chemical and petrochemical processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, warehouses of flammables, utility gas plants, and sewage treatment plants, etc.

NJZ's light fixtures are rigorously tested in-house as well as by through third party providers to meet the industry's strictest standards. The company's products have always been known for quality and reliability with UL, DLC, FCC, CB, CE, CCC verified compliance with applicable performance directives, safety standards, energy codes and other regulatory requirements.
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